About Me

"share with others what you have best in you"

Once upon a time, when feeling quite boring with life, on March 2014, the blog MARYLAND was born in a way of share what I love with the others.

Hi! My name is Mariana, but my friends call me Mary or Shark (because it's what means my surname in english). I am 18 years old (young) and I'm from Portugal, which is a small country next to Spain, but with a lot of potential.
There's nothing more I love in this world than music and dance and I hope someday I could make my career about those arts. Although I am an enthusiastic in everything about fashion and beauty and after being such a fan of these kind of blogs, I decided to create my own.

MARYLAND will be all about my world: fashion, beauty, thoughts, my lifestyle (maybe some things about cooking also)!

I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment and give me your opinions/sugestions.

fact: I made myself the blog template which gave a lot of work!

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