Life Update | New Haircut, Ending Senior Year & Family Vacation



I know... it's been a while and I'm sorry for not being very active here but it's been a busy and a troubled Summer for me. I'm back and have a lot of things to post here on the blog, so do not worry because I will try to put a lot of activity on the blog.

Starting from the beggining, I ended my senior year and had my prom (named Senior Ball or Gala Ball in Portugal). Then started studying for my finals and unfortunately I didn't pass at one of the subjects (the school system and and the difficulty of education in Portugal are completely different from England or US - we have one of the most demading education in the world - so these finals count 50% of our final grade at the subject) so I will stay another year in High School doing that subject instead of going to university. It was really hard for me accepting this (and it's also not easy telling this), specially because I was suppose to go to university to London - yes, London, England! What else could be?! - to study music. Well I never specifically talked about this in here, but if you are following me on my social media (as Twitter and Instagram) you must have seen near this April I went to London for the weekend with the propose to visit my future university. It was a lovely weekend and I meet really good people who will also study there and are portuguese. Besides, if you ever clicked on that "about" button above, you must know that I'm very passionate about music and I pretend to follow that path - there's nothing more I want in life than that - which will only happen next year.

Also in the beginning of June I got a new haircut, close to the look of a long bob. This idea of cutting my hair came because I was bit tired of my long hair (which usually happens). I felt like my hair didn't have anymore texture, form or shine and didn't looked pretty and healthy, so as a good taker of my hair's "life", I decided to chop it off and I'm never afraid of doing it since I think it's important to experiment new hairstyles and looks, which is something that I know a lot of girls and women are not really fond of, afraid that not having long hair won't make them look pretty (or sexy), but I never really cared for that. I've always cutted my hair the way I liked and I almost have had every hairstyle possible. It has been like this since I was a little girl!
In the end of the same month and the start of July, I went on vacation with my family to Algarve as usual - never get tired of that place. Always one of my favourite weeks on Summer. After that week I have only enjoyed a few days at the beach, specially, because the weather hasn't been the best this Hot Season and now I started to work at a full-time job, something that I really need to save up some money for university next year. This means I am even more busy now and have less time to go to the beach but I will try to take my days off to do that - since in Portugal we only start school on 21st of September - to get some more tan and also try to start posting on the blog once in a week - at least!

Just before going, I would like to tell that soon the blog will have a new look and also ask: How has been your Summer? I want you to tell me everything in the comments.

If you have already started school or even university/college, good luck for this year!
Enjoy it as much as you can!


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