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Before starting my own blog, I was already a big fan of blogs, specially beauty and fashion related and discovering Bloglovin' help me a lot with managing my favourite blogs and always know when there was a new post. 

Reading a lot of blog was what made me create my own space on the internet where I can share with other people my favourite things, opinions and show a little bit of myself to the world.

The first blog I started read was Zoella! I always loved her blog since the very first time I scrolled to it. Although she doesn't post as frequently as she used to, I have subscribed her channel on Youtube and it's also my favourite one. I think her writing is very captivating and different, unusual and as soon as we enter her blog it's like we entering a new world - the design is amazing and that is one of the things that make me to follow or not a blog.

Olivia and her outfits are the things I love most in her blog. Her style is very unique and I really appreciate the posts she does with the shots from different outfits.

I love every post that Carrie does about traveling and her guides. I love when she writes about her adventures and she really has some really good shots on her blog of outfits.

To me Kayleigh has the best reviews in products and I really like to read them, although I'm not a big fan of long posts.

Now is your time to tell me what are your favourite blogs or bloggers!

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