3 Overused Makeup Products


It's been a few weeks since my last post there's a reason for it: I went on my Spring Break!
It's was amazing, me and my friends went to Calpe, Spain to something called Calpe Festival Village which is a festival organized by a company called X Travel for seniors from every high schools in Portugal.
We had a really great time and I enjoyed taking a break from my city.

But this post will not be about my Spring Break - as you may understand by the title. While in Calpe - as usual - I took my makeup bag with me and came back with some empty products - my favourite and most used ones! So, that gave me the idea of doing this little post, in order to share you with three of my makeup products that I used almost everyday.

Rimmel London Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil - 
This eyeliner is just perfect for me for one reason: is waterproof! I usually use eyeliner on my waterline so for my eyeliner stay long time on my eye, it needs to be waterproof, so the Rimmel London pencil is definitely my favourite one.

Garnier BB Cream -
I'm not a huge fan of foundation because it can damage your skin when use it too much, so BB cream is my go to foundation for almost every occasion - although sometimes I use foundation - but BB cream has its perks: apart from being good as a foundation, it's in fact a good cream for your skin!

Essence Volume Curl Mascara-
I'm not sure, but this mascare is not for sale in Portugal - but I have because my sister brought it from Italy - which makes a little sad because it gets you "big lashes" for sure and stay for very long time on your eyelashes. I used it my whole summer so no it's empty and I need a new one.

What are empty/overused makeup products?

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