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First of all, I want to start for wishing a Happy New Year!
I hope you all had an amazing New Year's Eve and bring with yourselves really good memories from 2014. I know we're in the end of January but I still wanted to do this blog post because I want to share with you my highlights of 2014 and my resolutions for this New Year.

I think New Year is always good excuse to reinvent yourself but I prefer to improve myself! Yes, improve! That's the word for my 2015 year. I'm looking forward to invest in myself and in I'm futture, mainly because I'm applying to University, so everything in my life is focused on my school performance. This is my main goal for the new year, but I also want this year to be good to me (typical quote)! 

I must say, 2014 was a great year! I never had so many experiences in my life only in one year. Yes, 2014 was good to me! Last year I had the opportunity to make some of my wishes come true: I attend to not one, but three concerts of my favourite artists (idols), who were/are Beyoncé (Mrs. Carter Show World Tour), Miley Cyrus (Bangerz Tour) and last but not least One Direction (Where We Are Tour) - all in a chronological order! I'm so greatful for those three moments I have been provided during the past year. 

My summer was another highlight from 2014. I had never had so much fun and joy on a single summer! I can say that I enjoy my summer of 2014 to the limit and that's how it is supposed to be! I hope this summer is as good as the last.

For now that's all...I see you soon and once again HAPPY 2015 - don't forget to enjoy it!

Yours truly,

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