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I assume you know (if you follow me on Instagram) that recently I turned 18 years old (young) and I must say that this birthday is quite different from the others. Apart from becoming an adult, I feel different with myself and this perfume couldn't describe better how I have been feeling since I turned eighteen! 

This "Eau de Toilette" was given to me by my aunt as a second gift for my birthday because she knew I was in need for a perfume. It's named "Bright Rose" and it's from Zara - I love all their fragrances!...They smell all so good and it's difficult to pick just one.

When I smell it for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it. As I was said in the beginning of this post, this "sweet-smelling liquid" is the definition of what I've been feeling since I turned 18 years old - it smells of a classy yet young adult girl (which totally what I am)!

I recommend this perfume to everyone who likes fresh and roses smell!

See you next time!

Yours truly,

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