Update | Back to School, Pilgrimage & Little Surprise


Oh my God! 
I know, it's been ages since I did my last post and I'm sorry for being away from the blog and for being so lazy for not coming here to write something!

During this time out, a lot of things happened. The summer ended and I got back to school for my one and only senior year.

Starting my September I had this "activity" (let's just call it like this) for which I wait the whole year: my pilgrimage to Fatima Sanctuary.

Fatima Sanctuary is the religious site, a place to pray, here in Portugal, just like Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It was my third year doing the pilgrimage and do it with a group of teachers, school staff, ex-students and some students relatives. This year, we made 10 years of pilgrimage, so it was a very special! We always do our pilgrimage a week before starting school and it just helps to clear my mind, take some time to think in what I did in the past year and what are my targets for next year. We are a group of 80/90 people and we walk for three days and all the pain, blisters and tiredness of walking are forgotten by the laughs, the talks, the socializing, the new friends you make and all the mutual aid that helps to not giving up and keep walking until you there. I'm always always looking forward for another pilgrimage every year because it really helps me to clear my soul.

A week later, I started senior year. Yes! Here in Portugal we start school always between 14-16th of September. It was a normal back to school, everyone was very excited, specially the new students and my school just seems to be so full this year, there so many new students! I seriously thought that school was going to blow up for having so many people inside of the building! Also, this year, me and my friends are applying for Students Association, so we've been having a lot of work with it, but we are super excited about it.

Last but not least, I have a little surprise! I don't know if you call it a surprise but... I'm changing my layout for something more mature, classic and simple. Something more related to me. Soon, my blog will have a new look and hope you enjoy it. 

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