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I decided to post about my my Fall collection of nail polishes because the last time I did a post like this, it had a lot of success and so I thought would be a good idea to share the polishes I use the most in the new season. I have a lot of nail polishes (because they're belong to me, my sister and my mother, that's why I have a lot and we share) with many different colors and I like to dissever them depending on the season.

The Fall season is definitely my favorite for nail polishes because it has the colors I prefer the most. The colors are basically in the tons of red and that is the color I like more to use on my nails. Actually the first time I paint my nails it was with a dark red, but I don't know if that's the reason I love it so much... maybe?!

For this season, I chose five colors:

Tango by Cliché
This polish is named with the name of a type of dance with Argentine origins and very well known and appreciated. Actually is one of my favorite dancing style! The polish has that typical very sexy dark red color and I use to paint my nails with this color to make the transition between the two seasons, Summer to Autumn. I also use this color at other times of the year, because, as I already said, red is my favorite color to have on my nails and this Tango color is by far my favorite one. It's very caliente!

Color Hit L43 by Sephora
The color L43 represents that color usually called "Ox Blood" and it's for sure the best name for this shade. I am wearing it right now and I love how it looks. Sephora polishes are one of my favorite because they're colors are very consistent.

I Love Long Lasting Finish 193 - Black Cherries by Rimmel London
Since I bought some makeup products from Rimmel London I've been loving the brand. I purchased this nail polish already some time ago but I still love using this color at this time of the year. The "Black Cherries" color is really similar to burgundy, but a bit more darker and it gives to your nails that look of a black nails, which is something that has been a lot fashionable through the late years. It's just a perfect shade for the season!

Nail Lacquer 243 by Kiko
Kiko polishes are one of the best in market. They have a very good quality and stay very long on your nails. This nail polish is the only one I have from Kiko, but it is just perfect for the season. I think you can really name this color of the real burgundy because it's definitely the color of the polish. It's not dark burgundy or light burgundy, it's burgundy and matches with most of my Autumn clothing and even Winter clothing, so I really apprecciate this shade.

Ternura by Cliché
If you're not a dark nails person then this color is perfect for you even if it's lighter than the others polish colors for this season, this shade still matches perfectly this time of the year. I don't really remember if that's the name of the polish, but if it is the name means "tenderness" in portuguese and you can say it has been assigned a name according to its color, because of the feeling that conveys "tenderness" makes the same effect as the color that conveys the polish has which is this light color between purple and pink with a bright touch. It's a really simple, slight color and it looks so beautiful on nails and also makes your fingers look longer, so if you have small fingers this type of color is also really good for you.

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