#InstaWeek: Porto trip, One Direction Concert, Beach days and festival


I know I've been missing my #InstaWeek and I'm sorry but I had a few busy weeks. However I'm here now to update you about my life on this weeks through my Instagram photos.

Starting July (after 7th July) I I had to go back to my books and notebooks to do another exam. Finally I'm free of that. 

During my studies, I took a little to went to Porto for three days (a weekend) with a friend and her mother to stay at her grandfather's house.

We stayed there to attend, on Sunday (13th July), to One Direction concert in Estádio do Dragão (it's the stadium of football team FC Porto). I have to say it was the best concert ever, me and my friend stayed at the FRONT ROW and we never expected that to happen. We were crazy when we got there!
It was actually an amazing day, because I didn't have the opportunity to attend to the concert from their Take Me Home Tour in Lisbon, Portugal because the tickets sold out and I got really upset. 
I've been loving this band since their X-Factor days because I used to watch X-Factor UK on YouTube and when I watch they singing together for the first time my thought was: this guys are special! I only had this thought with another artist in my life and it was with my idol, Miley Cyrus and from that moment I started to follow their career! I'm not kiding, this really happened. It was really what I felt about them. I think they are very talent and I hate when people say they are five Justin Bieber when they music and personalities are so different from him.

On Saturday, my friend and her mother also showed me a little bit of the city and we took a walk to the Park of the city, which is huge and beautiful. I loved those three days. It was so fun!

On returning to my hometown, I had on Sunday (19th July) my mom's birthday and this year we had a house full of guests, something that I love. I love to receive visits in my house. It is always so fun! (I actually baked my mom's birthday cake! I love cooking!)

On that same Friday (18th July) in Santa Cruz, not Santa Cruz from California, but a beach village near to my hometown, where me and my friends and everyone from my town spend their Summer holidays, going to beach and partying at night, started Ocean Spirit, a festival of wateresports (skim, surf, bodyboard, kayaksurf and waveski). Beyond the competition, this festival also have, during ten nights, animation and it host a lot of bands and dj's (local and national). Every year Santa Cruz receives so many athletes (nacional and international) to attend to the competitions and you get the opportunity to know so many different and new people. I love to meet foreign people!

During this last week, I stayed at a friend's house in Santa Cruz and we had such a great time, everyday and every night. We spend our days on the beach and we would only return to home when we saw the sunset. Santa Cruz has the most beautiful sunset  in this world and is my favorite (be attentive to my instagram, I'm used to post a lot of photos of the sunset in here in this time of the year).

Yours truly,

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