Favourites of the Month: July 2014


So July ended and August started (as you guys may already know) and I decided to introduce you to another of my "headings" as I like call them and I'll be doing this post in the end of every month. In the end of this past month, I've made a list of my favourites, which means the things I've been loving a using a lot during the month. 

This idea came because I watch a lot of beauty/fashion YouTube channels and they always do a favourites of the month video and post on their channels in the end of every month. As I do not own a YouTube channel or I'm not a YouTuber, even though I love making and editing videos, I decided I would create another "heading" on my blog to keep the organizing thing in this.

Also, I have one thing I want to clear is that my favourites of the month can include beauty and fashion items, my favourite songs but also another things in my life that can came up.

Without any further delay here it is my July favourites:

  • Beauty
    • Mascara "Get big lashes, Volume Curl" from Essence: this mascara really gives a big lashes and it lasts all day and all night. It gives an amazing effect to your lashes.
    • Maybelline New York Baby lips "Cherry Me": as usual, my baby lips cherry me to everywhere and because of the beach, my lips get a little bit dryer so I can get enough of my baby lips!
    • Nail polishes: "Morangoska" and "Surprisa" from Cliché: my favorite nail polishes of summer were the ones I used, to start my holidays. I never get enough of this two colors. (I already talked about them in My Summer Nail Polishes post)
    • Avène sunscreen "very high protection 50+" cream: my skin is very sensitive so every summer and sometimes when the sun gets a little bit strong during the year, I always have to put a sunscreen with a very high protection and I've been always loving this one from Avène.
    • Ducray "Nutricerat Anti-drying spray": with the sun and water, the ends of my hair can get dry. So to prevent that, on Summer, I use this Ducray spray (and moreover smells good).
  • Fashion
    • My flower print bottom and salmon top with ruffles bikini from Oysho.
    • My Benetton bikini with the laced colorful top and a pink bottom.
  • Food
    • "water crakers" from Vieira: I love this cookies. They are so light and though they are made with salt and water, they are so tasty. I like eat them on the beach or when I'm watching a movie.
    • Belvita "Honey and Hazelnuts" cookies: they are so tasty and match so good with a cup of milk in the morning.
    • drinking yogurts: lately I've been mixing a lot of drinking yogurts with different flavors and from different brands with cereals, like Kellog's "Special K". It tastes really good, trust me!
  • Songs
    • One Direction's "Take Me Home" and "Midnight Memories" albums: to me this been One Direction's month and with a lot of trip and spending a lot of time on the beach, I've been listening to a lot of music. In special I've been listening to "C'mon, C'mon", "You & I", "Little Things" (the lyrics of this one have been stuck in my head everyday), "Rock Me" (live version because of Zayn's high note - AMAZING), "Better Than Words" and "Little White Lies".
    • Ariana Grande - Problem: I've been loving this song and I also love Ariana voice and sound. I think this song is so cheerful and makes me dance (and her dance on her performances it's amazing).
    • Taylor Swift - All Too Well: I had already listened to this song when her last album came out, but lately I've been obsessed with it. It such a beautiful song (although I'm not a big fan of Taylor, I think she can compose really good songs sometimes).
    • Lorde - Royals: I finally surrender to this song even though I'm not a fan of Lorde (this doesn't mean I don't like her, her sound just doesn't attract me) this song has a really good beat.
    • Crystal Fighters - Love Natural: next to One Direction, this is my favorite group although the genre of music is a little bit different. This song is from their last album and is so cheerful and calm at the same time.
    • Bastille - Pompeii: The beginning of this song is so catchy and I also love Glee's version (as always).
    • Little Mix - Salute: I only listened to this song recently and I fell in love because of the power of the song and her dance. Just fantastic!

Yours truly,

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