My Bikini Collection 2014


As Summer approaches, you will see more activity around here once I have more time, although I've been a little bit busy lately. Starting this "activity", I thought would be fun to show you my bikini collection. I actually already saw some videos on YouTube about this, but I thought: don't have a YouTube Channel (only an account), instead I have a blog and that would give a really good and contextualized (since it's summertime) blog post.

So I sat down by my computer, took some photos of my bikini collection, started to write this post and now I'm sharing this with you. 

I lot of my bikinis are new because the other ones I had were old and so in start of this Summer I purchased some new bikinis (which I I've been loving).

This two pair of bikinis are from Oysho, which is where my favourite store to shop bikinis, pajamas and underwear. If you don't know this store I will leave here the link of their shop online . To me, every Summer they have the most beautiful bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear. They also have really cool gymwear. They make it seem so stylish! Although their products can sometimes be a little bit expensive, so I try to buy something when their having a "special price day" or some discount. 

The first pair is a salmon top with ruffles outlined by a kind of holes that form the idea of ​​a lace and at the bottom we have this flowers print that in my opinion looks really good combined with the top because of the colors.

The second pair has a top with ruffles to but this one is a neon purple and I really like to see it on my skin (purple is actually my favorite color). The bottom is a a really colorful tropical print with some birds and tropical trees and I love to see it paired with the this neon purple top. I also match this bottom sometimes with the salmon top of the first bikini. 

This bikini is from Benetton and it belonged to my sister but she gave it to me this year and I always have loved it. She bought in 2011 on sale and I think is the most beautiful bikini I have. What I love about this bikini is the lining of lace at the top with colors that match very well with each other. The bottom is just a simple hot pink and if you can change the side and you will have dark purple. So you can use the two sides. 

The last bikini I'm showing you, I purchased it when I was on vacation with my family in a city in some local store, two years ago. The bottom of this pair is not the original because the original doesn't fit on me anymore, so I decided to pair it with a simple white bottom, because I just love this bikini top. The top of this bikini have two straps with some beads and I tied the straps to one of the sides of the back creating a sort of handle on one side to give it a more unique look. 

So this is my bikinis, but I also have some top and bottoms with no pair that sometimes I like to combine with some of this sets I just showed you.

Enjoy your Summer and you are free to comment below and tell about your bikini collection too!

Yours truly,

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