#InstaWeek: From 30th June to 6th July


Hello everybody! 


It's my pleasure to present you with the first "heading" (if I can call it like this) on my blog. "First" because I will have more "headings" in blog, inasmuch as I'm a person who like to organize everything (you should see my music folders in my computer and iPod!) and I think in this way my blog will look much better with this thing of "headings". 

As you can understand by the title of heading, this type of blog post will talk about the photos of the week of my Instagram account, the "Fast beautiful photo sharing" app (this is their slogan). I will tell about the photos and for example: what I was doing, where I was, who I was with.... (that kind of things) 

I will be doing this post on every Sunday. And now you're must be asking: but isn't today Thursday?! Yes, it is, and it will be the first ans last time I will be posting this heading on a Thursday (unless I'm having a super busy week/weekend and only have time to post it during the week or not even post.)
Besides, whenever I think I don't have anything special to talk about my photos on Instagram I won't be doing this post.

My Instagram account is MarianaShark if you would like to follow me (next to the blog post, you also have my social accounts if want to follow them too). 
Here's the link : http://instagram.com/marianashark

I'm super excited about this! I really hope you guys enjoy it! 

the view from our beach apartment
Summer finally arrived and I finished my final exams. 

So, starting my Summer I went on holidays with my family to Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Algarve (Portugal), where we have our beach apartment. To me, it's essencial to spend some days (weeks) with my family in other place than my city, because it's good to get away from the same routine and the same people and just have a really good time with "my people". 

This days with my family are always so fun because we have a really close relationship with each other and me and my siblings are very pranksters and cheerful.

Before leaving, we took out our breakfast. I just want you to show you what is my typical breakfast when I take it in a pastry/coffe shop. I always order for Ucal chocolate milk (if you never tasted this milk you should) and bread with ham and butter (this is what we take for breakfast in Portugal, usually).

this the beach where we go

This year we spent my father's birthday here and it was a really fun day. We had a worthy birhtday lunch and dinner. The table was full and my favourite part was the shellfish (I just love it!). 

On Tuesday, the weather wasn't really good for a beach day so we decided we would take a walk and visit the jetty where's the lighthouse, rising at the tip of the jetty. It has a beautiful view and in four years we have never visited, so we thought would be a good opportunity.
this is just me and my siblings during our walk

In Praia da Rocha there's this kiosk and due to the many amount of tourists (specially british), they have a newsstand of international newspaper which I really appreciate to read (I don't no why, I just like! - I'm just a freak sometimes!).

At last, but least, as usual , could not miss on my Instagram my typical super freaking crazy and sometimes cute, selfies!

I hope you enjoy it my first #InstaWeek post!

  Yours truly,

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