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Hello everybody!

It's the first day of Summer so as my real first blog post, I decided I would share with you something related with this fresh season. I thought in present you with the nail polishes I use during Summer. 

When I think in Summer, I think in life in more colorful way so this nail polishes colletion that I will show you are all very colorful. I think this kind of colors shows us the happy and fun side of life and that relates a lot with Summer, since this season is the most enjoyable and give us really good moments (like watching a beautiful sunset, play on the beach and get tan!)

So here it is my summer nail polishes!

The first nail polish I will introduce you is from Sephora and I got it last year, although it's still for sell. His color is like a Tiffany blue and it looks gorgeous on your nails. I never thought I would actually someday paint my nails with blue, but this polish made me do it. 

This next polish is a little bit older, but it is still good for use. It is from Inocos and it's called "Verde mais doce" which means "The Sweetest Green". His color is a light mint green and the appearance on your nails is amazing.

This next one is one of my favorite nail polishes of all time. I like to call it the Barbie/Girly pink and it's from Cliché. His name is actually "Surpresa" which means "Surprise" and I think it looks so sexy on your nails. I use to paint my nails with this color a lot. I really love this pink and when your hands are tan from the sun looks beautiful!

This nail polish is called Morangoska, which is the name of a drink made with strawberries and its color it's like a bright red, which I think it's the perfect red for summer because it's really light and it looks so good with the tan skin. This one is one of my summer nail polish that I use the most time! (I just love the red color on my nails every time of the year!)

The last one polish that it's in My Summer Nail Polishes is from Springfield and it's and neon orange (that's why it is from Neon Nails Cosmetic) and it's a really good polish. It's look very nice on your nails. (I actually really like the bottle!)

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