Introducing Me


This is the first time I'm writing you and as my first post, I decided to introduce myself to you.

My real name is Mariana. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Portugal (that little country next to Spain, you know?). This means I'm Portuguese and I speak and write Portuguese, but my blog will all in English, because I love English and I think I pretty good writing and speaking English, because one day I expect to live in United States or even England. 

Another thing about me is I love, with all my heart, performing arts (dance, music, and acting) and I'm thinking to take an undergraduate study in one of this arts. I also have a big interest in reading and writing and recently started to show some enthusiasm in beauty and fashion.
As I have already highlighted, I like to write and a time ago I went through some hard times in my life and so I started to write, in this little notebook I have, thoughts and things I had on my mind and since then I never stopped to write on it. 

That's the reason why I created my blog, to share my interests, thoughts, opinions (which I really appreciate to give). Summarizing, it's about my whole lifestyle.

Why "Maryanne"? My blog is called "Maryanne" because my real name is Mariana and it's the junction of the names "Mary" and "Anne", so that's the reason. My best friend use too called my "Maryanne" a lots of time then I thought would be funny to call my blog "Maryanne". 

I really hope you enjoy it!

p.s.: I have a page in my blog called "About Me" where will be always a summarized introduction of myself.

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